How to Add-On an Item

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Customer FAQ: How do I add-on an item to my order?

Customers can add select items to any Sausage, Smoked Meat or Gift Package order. Begin by choosing your preferred Sausage, Smoked Meat, or Gift Package. Click the “Choose Option” button down below the product description to verify the amount you want to order. On the same page, you will also see a list of “Popular Add Ons” associated with this product (see example below). Select the quantity of “add on” items you require. Now place all items into your cart at the same time by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

Customer FAQ: How do I buy the Meat Market Special?

Visit our online store and order any Sausage, Smoked Meat or Gift Package. During the ordering process, on each product page you will see *SPECIAL* followed by the item name & price available in the list of “Popular Add Ons” which you can then add to your cart with your order. No limit on quantities. Meat Market specials are available for limited times only.

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