Oak Smoked Garlic Pepper, Coarse Ground – 5 oz.

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Our Oak Smoked Garlic Pepper is slow smoked over real Texas post oak wood on our own pits to capture the smoky essence that IS authentic Central Texas BBQ. Get the taste of real garlic and Texas post oak wood smoke along with the genuine BBQ flavor from our well-seasoned pits. Use on your favorite steaks, roasts, and other meats for that same smoky flavor at home.

Gluten Free. No MSG.
Contains no artificial smoke flavoring.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Ozie Farr:

    I love it and want to know how to buy it by the case. How many are there in the case and how much is the price by the case? Where can I buy it local and not on the internet or do I have to go to Elgin to buy it?? I put it on my salads and cook with it . I bought it at HEB and NOW they don’t have it it stock anymore. If I have to go to the market I will but I always spend to much when I am there. I have buy cooked sausage and brisket. Now is that pitiful or what???
    I have six brisket to cook for my grandsons graduation so I need you seasoning!!!! I try to always pick on Philip over in the market.

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